CD cover design

During the last couple of months Ron Landheer Design Studio conducted talented students from the AKV St. Joost Academy, and their assignment to create and design original illustrated CD cover art for the Dutch band Fictrious. We enjoy the final results so much, that we felt mandatory to showcase our peers on this website.

The following CD cover sleeve designs are created by the talented Dutch Illustration artists Maud Beurskens and Ramona Treffers.

Blinded (by Maud Beurskens)

Blinded (by Ramona Treffers)


Font design

The development of new typefaces is at a all time high for our company with the “Showroom” font-family being the latest in a unique range of rare typefaces.

Showroom typeface

On Stage

Font design

On Stage is a display font that evolved from the classic 1970's On Stage LP sleeve. From these basic seven letterforms a complete alfabet was created.

On Stage typeface

Way Down

Font design

With great pride we present the “Way Down” typeface as a complete alphabet. This retro typeface definds the word retro and should be present in any designers font collection.

Way Down typeface

Vegas fonts

Font design

To make life easier for publishers and webmasters around the world we've created a few exclusive font sets that are based on the 70's.

Vegas '75 & In Person '72

The Living Stereo 45's Collection

CD cover design

This set was designed with 5 inner sleeves, one mini-lp CD and ten classic vinyl label designs.

The Living Stereo 45's Collection

Rare Performances Vol.1

CD cover design

To insure the highest quality for this sleeve, we've colored the pictures, re-created the memorabalia, banners and vinyl, mixed it up til this vintage CD cover art came out.

Rare Performances Vol.1


CD cover design

CD cover art design for one of the best live concerts in modern music history. Recorded in 1976 at the Omni, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hotlanta CD cover art

Sound system

Vector image design

For an upcoming web project we started working on a new collection of cool looking vector illustrations to use later on. Below you can see the some new vector images made by our company.

Sound system vector

Het Andere Werk

Website design

When the people from “Het Andere Werk” asked us to make a website for better promotion of the club, we immediately started working and came up with this HTML & CSS in perspective website.

Het Andere Werk webdesign

Comerica Park

DVD cover design

We made this next DVD sleeve for the Steamroller Records label and their 2-DVD set. The concert took place back in 2009 in Detroit, Michigan at Comerica Park.

Comerica Park DVD artwork

Wrestle War

DVD cover design

We made this DVD Wrestle War cover sleeve and disc print. Check out the old fashion cartonboard style on the design itself.

Wrestle War DVD cover design

Sleeve presentations

DVD/CD presentation design

To make sure my clients presentations are unique and not the same like most others that use preview software I've created my own preview templates for the standard black DVD case and the transparent version.

DVD presentation templates


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Cover sleeves

CD, DVD & Blu-ray cover sleeves come in all shapes and sizes. Though cover sleeves originally were made to protect the media inside, it has grown to be a major factor in the music, sports and entertainment industry. We have the skills, creativity and ideas to make sure a solid design is presented at all times.

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Typeface design

Looking for unique retro font for prints or online banners? Then please have a look at the font pages.

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